About Jen and Chris

Chris and Jen are originally from Tyler, situated deep in the heart of East Texas. They, bought and rehabilitated a ranch outside of the city, where they raised a family and lived happily for years.

Rockport-Fulton was their yearly vacation destination for 25 years. In Rockport, they found a community they loved on one of the most beautiful pieces of coast on the Gulf of Mexico. They fell in love with the area and dreamed one day of being able to move their family there.

So, when they got an opportunity to sell their ranch, equipment, and all, they jumped at the opportunity to finally fulfill their long-held dream. They sold the ranch, moved down to Rockport, and haven’t looked back since.

After moving to Rockport, Jen and Chris decided to share their experiences as outsiders moving to Rockport, and they’ve developed their real estate practice to help those looking to move to or invest in their adopted community.

They strive to make sure their clients thoroughly understand each part of the process. They dedicate their time to them. They are always available to answer any questions their clients may have, be they about the real estate market or the best fishing spot in the area.

If you’re looking to buy a home in Rockport, TX then you won’t find a better, more dedicated real estate agent than Jen or Chris Pace. If you’re thinking about buying in the area, contact them today to schedule a viewing.